Lawn Care

Are you ready to make your lawn care the envy of your neighbors? Our services range from fertilizing to insect & disease scouting. Andy's takes pride in a complete lawn analysis during the estimate process.


Application 1:   Spring - Balanced Dry Fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control.

Application 2:   Late Spring - Balanced Dry Fertilizer with liquid weed control.

Application 3:   Summer - Balanced Dry Fertilizer with spot weed control. Extra charge for insecticide where needed.

Application 4:   Fall - Balanced Dry Fertilizer with liquid weed control.

Application 5:   Late Fall - Balanced Dry Fertilizer which aids in winter root activity and earlier spring green up.

If you have an irrigation system, we recommend that you go with all 5 applications. If you do not have an irrigation system, we recommend that you go with all rounds except application 3. This allows your lawn to not be damaged by the sun and lower amounts of rainfall.

Andy's also recommends that you protect your lawn from Grubs & Japanese Beetles. These pests will affect your plants and turf areas. Japanese Beetles are out in swarms beginning in late June or early July. When the Japanese beetle is active, they feed on your plants, lay eggs in the turf, and will emerge as grubs to feed on the roots in late August to early September. You can protect your plants after detection of the Japanese beetle by signing up for a spray application for your trees and shrubs. This application usually last on the plants and trees for 4 weeks and sometimes additional application might be needed.

Here is the program for Grubs:

Program #1: We will apply grub protection or grub insurance with your summer application of fertilizer which will protect your turf from grub infestation in late August, September & October.

Program #2: Wait to see if you get a grub infestation and then treat the turf. This gives you an extra application and will cost more. It will be applied when grubs are damaging your lawn. It is very important that you observe the damage and call Andy's for this application. The first sign of grubs could be areas being dug up by raccoons, skunks, or birds, with the lawn will die in spots.

Additional Services Include:

  • Core Aerification
  • Mulching
  • Spring & Fall Clean Ups
  • Summer & Fall Trimming
  • Irrigation installation & maintenance

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